Japanese Wakizashi Sword Clay Tempered Blade Eagle Tsuba

Overall Length: 30inch/76cmBlade Length: 20 inch/51 cm Handle Length: 8.2 inch/21 cmBlade Width:3.2 cm/1.26 inchBlade Material:hand forged 1095 steel with clay temperedSaya Material:High quality wood+red rayskinTsuba Material:High Quality brass  Handle Material:Genuine...
Overall Length: 30inch/76cm

Blade Length: 20 inch/51 cm 

Handle Length: 8.2 inch/21 cm

Blade Width:3.2 cm/1.26 inch

Blade Material:hand forged 1095 steel with clay tempered

Saya Material:High quality wood+red rayskin

Tsuba Material:High Quality brass 

Handle Material:Genuine ray skin + Hard wooden